Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hello again

I never thought I'd be one of those people who did nothing on their blog for months, let alone almost a year! Gah! Jumping back on the the blogwagon and hopefully I'll be more consistent. I love looking back at my blog and seeing what we've done and how we've changed, so thats my motivation!

Here's some of what we did last year, not in ANY kind of order. 

Lucy had her first Let's Play Music recital and did great. (Classic Emmy plugging her ears).

Easter with the Waite cousins.

Lucy and friend Ben Price at the recital.

Johnny played Fakir in Boise Music Week's The Secret Garden

Labor day at Christensen's pond. SO fun!
We got honey!

Mills finally learned to crawl at 9 months.
Camping at the Oregon Coast. I could easily do 5 or 6 posts with the fun and amount of pics I took! Rain cannot ruin a Spjute vacation.

The girls were cute.

In September the girls started dance class again.

Millie turned 1!

We fed the ducks.

Millie (before crawling) learned to roll... ALL over the place.

Lucy took her second year of swim lessons.

Jenna turned 3!
I made an amazing cake. What? Credit where credit is due.

Lucy turned 5 and since I made Jenna an awesome cake, I couldn't let Lucy down. I think I'm in trouble.
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The girls had their first dance recital in June.

We went camping in Idaho City with the Prices.

It snowed a ton in November. So we played.

Millie got cuter and cuter. (Remember I said these are not in order. Too lazy)

Lucy and Jenna continue to amaze me at the way they play with their imaginations ALL day.

Jenna tried to convince me she was too big for naps. I found her all over the house sleeping right before dinner.

This was from probably last January. Jenna wasn't in the class (she was only 2), but kept watching and mimicking and then just started joining in. I'm amazed at how well she did for a 2 year old!

We took our annual trip to the cabin in Cascade with our friends.

We went to church.

Mills and I went to McCall for an overnight getaway with the Relief Society Presidency I was in.

Millie and Tate got acquainted.

We went to a concert.

We dressed up for Easter.

We went to Wicked!!

Millie was cute again.

We went to pj story time at the library. A LOT.

I ran a 10k.

We went to Twin for my uncles retirement party. these three laughed all the way.

Lucy wrote a book. Haha.

I ran a 5k with my friend for MADD.

We picked and ate lots of raspberries.

We camped in the backyard with our new tent.

We went to Dairy Days.

We had cousin sleepovers in the backyard.

We went to the pool.

We went to Lava Hot Springs with my siblings.

We went to become super heros at the library.

We got bees.

We had a frozen play date at the Willoughbys.

Luc was princess Leia at her friends star wars party.

We went to the giant village cinemas for 1$ movie days in the summer.

Grandpa got a new calf, the girls named her Goldie.

We went to Logan to watch my brother in Les Mis. AMAZING.

Jenna got creative.

Camping again.

We attended cousin Michelle's wedding.

We took daddy out for the traditional birthday-lunch-at-the-park.

We spent our Sunday afternoons with these awesome people.

We dressed up for Halloween.

Millie was chubby and cute.

Lucy's hair continues to be amazing.

I made french bread for the first time and it turned out to be the size of a football.

More cousin sleepovers. (Your turn Sherstine!)

Lucy was Jasmine. (And actually didn't get to go trick-or-treating because she was sick)

Jenna was a fairy.
There you go, mostly. Anywho, I'll start regular posting and include Thanksgiving and Christmas from this year. Ready to see what 2015 has in store for us!

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