Thursday, January 16, 2014


Ward Christmas Party. It was so so awesome!

Mom, dad, and Jake for dinner and cookie decorating.

Christmas Sunday.

Cheese soup at my family's Christmas Family Night

The Santa Lucia girls and Star boys
Lucy's turn to be the Santa Lucia this year.
(Side note: all the sudden I'm wishing we would've named Lucy, Lucia for the Swedish in our family. Duh! We still could call her Lucy. Oh well.)

Cousins make the best friends

Everyone in their new jammies! and Uncle Jake ROCKS!

New additions this year

Christmas Eve family of five!

The Nativity

Preface to the following three pictures. I got these Superman pjs for Jake last year and Erika found a pair this year for my dad. BUT, there was only one pair left, and it was a medium! A little "fitted", shall we say? Haha! It was sooooo hilarious!

Santa came and the children are nestled all snug in their beds.

 Everyone was nestled in their beds until about 1am, when this little peanut decided she needed a sneak peek at the loot. She (who has been sleeping through the night for over a month) was up for 2 hours; all smiles like this, and cooing and happy. I actually really enjoyed it, and we laid by the tree almost that whole time talking and smooching. She is the sweetest little chubs.

New backpacks!

New scooters! These are so fun, just put your feet up and turn the steering wheel back and forth and you're off!

It was a really nice Christmas, I can't believe how much fun it is to have kids at Christmas, I thought there could be nothing better than being a kid at Christmas when I was little, but now I know my parents were having all the fun! Can't wait until next year!

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