Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Catching up (SUPER LONG)

Whoa, this third child is sucking the life out of me! No, shes actually pretty mellow and we've gotten into a nice groove, but somehow blogging has fallen off the list of things to get done. Since I'm no journal keeper, I do like to have this to look back on and one day print into a book of sorts.

Here's a semi-short (haha) update on what we've done in the last few months (mostly in pics, because if there's one thing I'm good at, its taking LOTS of pictures. Just ask my hard drive) :

Lucy took part in her first Primary program. She did great saying her part by memory and entertained the entire ward with her dramatic singing. For reals, I had people coming up to me telling me they watched her the whole time. She was that kid.

 We celebrated Halloween. and they girls were witches. We went trick-or-treating at Grandpa Spjute's work and went back to their house for chili that I made. After dinner we went to see grandma-great and show her their costumes. Luckily the girls aren't old enough yet to know about real trick-or-treating. I will let them be ignorant for as long as possible.

 Millie got chubbier and baby Tate was born!! BCF!! Best cousins forever!

For my 30th birthday, Johnny threw me a surprise murder/mystery dinner party with some of our friends. I had never done one and it was a blast! I was the murderer, which seemed unfair since I was the birthday girl and all...

Thanksgiving came and with it brought sickness to our house. Well, really the sickness hit before. Lucy was sick starting the Saturday before Thanksgiving and finally felt better by Tuesday. By Tuesday night, Jenna was heading downhill and Wednesday I knew she was destined for the croup. She has a tendency to get it. I tried to beat it to the punch by getting her into urgent care and getting steroids for it, but alas, she was really sick and completely missed all festivities except a couple hours at the Waites until her wheezing and pale skin got so scary we went home where she stayed in bed for the next 3 days.
At the Waites before Jenna's health took a nose-dive.
Johnny's 2 brothers were in town for the holiday. WE barely got to see them :(

I went to Thanksgiving dinner at my sister Sherstine's house (it was AWESOME!) and Johnny stayed home with Jenna. It was great, but I could barely enjoy it without Johnny and worrying about Jenna. It was the worst!

Heidi and Randy got hitched last month!!

Pie eating contest. I think Gavin won.

Face-timing with aunt Ann.
Millie snuggling with grandma-great

Sassy And ready for church! Maybe a bad combo...

Liv got baptized! Lucy thought it was pretty cool

Millie is growing like a weed and the girls are just loving having a baby around to dote on and laugh at.

Millie found her fist! And she loves it
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Still can't believe I have 3 kids. Whoa.

Ok, I can't finish up on Christmas right now, Millie is crying. Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later!

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