Monday, October 28, 2013

Lucy turns 4

Lucy-goose turned 4 years old on the 10th! Since I had just had Millie 5 weeks before and things were still pretty hectic, I was in mood to plan her a big party with her friends. Luckily, I just didn't mention it and she was perfectly happy to have all her cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents over to celebrate.

The night before her birthday we went to Krispy Kremes for her traditional birthday donuts! Grandma and grandpa Waite came with us again, which is always a treat.

Lucy is such a good girl. She is so good to her sisters and is really helpful with Millie. She will totally feed her a bottle if I'm needing to get dinner started or something (which has proved to be a lifesavor more than once).  She is helpful and happy most of the time.

Lucy is one of the most creative kids I know. She is very imaginative. She can play for hours with just a little doll and nothing else. Everything is very dramatic in her playing, someone's always getting captured or rescued. She thinks up the wildest things and I find it really entertaining to just sit and listen when she's playing. She's pretty good to let Jenna play with her, but Jenna doesn't always go along with everything like Lucy would like. That's good for Luc though, she's learning to compromise, as hard as it can be sometimes.

I'm learning more what it means to "become like a little child" through Lucy. She says things sometimes that make me realize how thin the veil is for children. Just the other day she said "when you and daddy got married I wasn't here, I was in heaven, but I watched through the fog, there was a little hole and I could see the earth, and the temple, and you and daddy got married and lived happily ever after for lots of days."  Where does stuff like this come from? Her prayers can be so sincere at times too.

She loves her sunbeam class and is learning a lot from her awesome teacher Sister Koyle.
She's given 2 talks in primary and I'm proud to say she did both by memory. When I was  a kid it was expected to memorize talks and our part in the primary program. That seems to be quite rare these days. Well, my kids will be the exception then! Lucy will be in the primary program next week and already has her part memorized. I think kids can do a lot more than parents give them credit for, all they need is a little push.

Lucy LOVES her cousins. We are lucky to live by all of them on my side and they really are her best friends. She would jump off a cliff if Livia told her to. Anything Liv does, she does. No questions asked. It's a good thing Liv is such a good girl or I might be worried. She loves when her Waite cousins come into town as well and wishes she could see them more.

Lucy is learning so much. She can write her name, knows sounds of and recognizes the whole alphabet. I swear she remembers everything. She'll bring up stuff that happened a year ago, that I wouldn't remember if she hadn't brought it up. It's really crazy. For instance, when Lucy was 2 we went to Target one night and on the way out got some popcorn and then went to look at Christmas lights. When we got to the neighborhood, we let Lucy climb on my lap in the front seat so she could see better. Well, just a few months ago we were at Target and got popcorn. The girls were eating it in the car on the way home and Lucy said "remember that one time we went and watched the lights with popcorn?" It took me a minute, but I realized she was talking about that time we went looking at Christmas lights. Not only was she only 2 years old at the time, but it had been almost 2 years ago and she remembered!

We love having Lucy in our family, she is hilarious and makes us all laugh all day long. Happy birthday little girl!

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