Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas Re-Cap

I figure I better post about Christmas before FEBRUARY gets here (but lets be honest, my Christmas lights are still up!).
We had a great holiday and were able to spend lots of time with both of our families. We're pretty spoiled to live close to both our parents.
 Christmas Sunday. The children we add the harder it is to get a perfect picture. I like not so perfect though.
 Christmas eve we met with all the Spjutes at a church for a delicious meal. We also enjoyed the traditions of family talents, and the nativity. I love this every year! I don't get to see most my cousins as often as I used to, so its nice to be able to count on Christmas eve to get that chance (except for the Utah cousins, what a BALL it would be if they were here too!)

 Santa showed up! My girls couldn't believe it! It also started to snow during dinner! Lucy said it was a miracle "first snow, now Santa?!". I love the excitement of children at Christmas.
 Waiting for talents to begin.
 Jenna was an angel for the Nativity.
 Lucy was Mary this year and super thrilled she got to hold her 2nd(?) cousin one month old baby Spencer.

 Grandma always says a few words. Love her and her adorable Swedish dress she wears EACH year!
 Christmas morning!
 I have decided to MAKE some stockings this year. I loathe those velvet onces, and I think I've bought new ones each year because I'm never happy and I want matching. So, we'll see how making them turns out.
 RUNNING to the tree. Haha!
 Their new dolls I made.
 Millie actually quite enjoyed ripping paper off the presents.
 Traditional timer family photo.
 After we opened presents and let the girls play a bit we headed to the Waites for breakfast and to spend the day. Johnny's brother Nate and his family were there so it was extra fun.

 Playing the "ball game" with Grandpa
 Nothing like 3 little girls playing together. So fun.

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