Monday, July 22, 2013

Staying Cool

We've had WAY too many days over a hundred here in good old Boise and frankly, being as pregnant as I am (5 weeks left!!!), you'll either find me in the AC or in a pool. The girls are reaping the benefits. We got A Boise city pool pass and have spent many days there.
Also, my grandma Spjute got an awesome HUGE pool from her son who decided not to set it up at his place. So now we are all reaping the benefits of that. And we've gone many times. My uncle built an awesome deck with stairs and my dad helped put in a railing on it this last weekend.  Lucy and Jenna love that pool and since Lucy finished swim lessons last week, she loves cannon-balling off and swimming to the ladder all by herself.  (She's wearing her Puddle Jumper in these pics, but when we went again Saturday she was swimming all over with no floaties.) SO fun.
It only took her one lesson to perfect the cannon ball.

My dad, Lucy and Emmy jumping off "at the same time". Sorta.

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