Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer is here!

Summer is full swing and we've been busy having fun! We've spent a good amount of time swimming already and with the temperatures in the hundreds for the next week, it looks like thats where we'll be.
Lucy passed out in the car after a particularly hot day at the pool.

These next few are form Eagle island, which is a place I'd never been to until last year! It's so fun, the kids really love it. And since its a state park you just pay $5 per car. Sweet!

Ivy Wild pool is another place we frequent, this year we got a family swim pass to all Boise pools (to keep this pregnant girl cool). We're loving it so far.

I did a 5k in support of my good friend Natalie, whose husband and baby were killed by a drunk driver 10 years ago. It felt good to be there supporting her and I ended up winning a drawing for $50 to a high end baby boutique downtown. Score!

The girls got excited for Father's day this year and helped me make him breakfast early that morning before church.

We're so lucky to have such a good daddy.

Lucy had a sleepover at grandpa and grandma Spjute's with all her cousins. They had a great time, as always.
The next day we went to Dairy Days, which is a little carnival held annually in Meridian. We went with our good friends the Price's.

Ok, this rollercoaster. It's quite small, but really bumpy, and jerky and loud. Lucy and Ben insisted on going on it by themselves. As soon as it yanked them up the first little hill and around the first corner, we could see their horrified faces. Kim and I were dying! What had we done?! Lucy's head was plastered up against and bumping the side of the roller coaster the whole time. Ben had alook of terror on his face, and I swear that roller coaster went on forever!
Here's the best part: the rollercoaster comes screeching to a jerky stop and Kim and I run over to survey the damage. Ben is shaking his said saying it was awful, while (much to my surprise and relief) Lucy raises a triumphant fist in the air and yells, "I loved it!". I kept laughing about that for days.

I was so mad they wouldn't let me on the farris wheel because I was pregnant. Lame.

Jenna would've stayed on the merry-go-round for days if we'd let her. She cried both times after she got off.

And here's the latest progress on girlie #3. I'm 31.5 weeks, so just 2 hot months left! I really can't complain, I feel good and I enjoy being pregnant. Now, what in the world are we going to name her??


  1. You LIKE being pregnant?! The only thing I like about it is knowing what comes at the end.
    Have I told you the other names I love? Audrey (think Hepburn, totally classy) Sophie, and Annie.

  2. Hey this is Amanda Beynon. I am happy for you. When is your baby due? I made a new blog!