Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend Camping!

Friday morning we headed up to Hayfork campground about 10 miles past Idaho City.We've gone there as a Spjute family since I was little, but haven't been in quite a while. It was just as great as we all remembered! Campfires, hiking, playing in the creek, games, Bill Grogan's goat sung by my 83 year old grandma, and delicious food cooked in the great outdoors. I will say there is a lot more work when you have little ones, but its that much more fun too. I feel like I hardly saw Lucy, who was running around with cousins the whole time.

Our girls slept great in the tent. A first for both of them. Many scrapes and bruises and slivers were had by the girls, but the good times made up for it. We're ready to go back!
(P.s. I love my mom, but in ALL my pictures, I didn't have a single one of her! She was there having a blast the whole time too! Promise!)
Grandpa, Lucy and Emmy walking up the road to wait fro grandma to come.


There's something about a picture of a kid standing on a stump that brings back so many camping memories.

Jenna was sooo happy in the backpack.

Playing Bohnanza! (Randy, Heidi, me, Lucy,Gavin, Dave, Riley)

Nice form Jenna!

Breakfast in the mountains!

The kids waiting for the bottle rocket to launch. This was such a hit!

Lucy found deer antlers on our hike! (Awesome uncle Carl had several of these and went ahead and hid them on the trail. The kids thought it was awesome!)

Dad found a branch that looked like antlers.

Lucy hiked the whole way, with only minimal whining.

Crossing the log about 8 ft. above the stream. Right after this poor Gavin got in some stinging nettle.

Naptime in the tent!

Hiking up the road near Bad Bear.

Flowers for grandma. What a cheese.

Lucy adores Livia. These two have such a blast together. They were playing barbie island in the creek with Emmy's dolls.

We Went into Idaho City Saturday night for some ice cream at Donna's. It was delicious! Lucy's was called "beach comber" it was bright blue with little bits of every color of the rainbow in it and tasted like fruit loops.

So fun watching these kids play together.


Jenns and Gage.

During the torrential downpour Sunday evening we took refuge in my parents trailer. Jake tried to sleep, haha.

Lucy and Liv spent 45 minutes decorating this little stage with moss, pine cones and flowers. The next morning they performed for everyone.

Marshmallow shooters.

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