Friday, February 15, 2013

Starting New

My other blog said I reached my photo limit and I am not a writer, I need photos to give my posts oomph, so I started a new blog! I hope to be way more consistent with updates and the little details that someday I will never remember without this.

Let's get updated!

 Lucy will be 3 1/2 in April. She is sooo smart. Or, as my in-laws say, "shes not smart, she works hard." Ha! She knows her ABC's and can recognize all capital letters and most lowercase letters. She can count to 30. She has memorized 6 articles of faith, and is almost there with number 7, but can't stop laughing when she has to say "tongues". She spells her name and knows that her full name is Lucy Karen Waite. And she likes to say it and likes that she has grandma Spjute's name in hers.
She is so funny. She is saying the funniest things all the time, she keeps us all laughing.  I'll have to start writing down some of them.
She loves to run, jump, climb, slide down the stairs on her belly, and ride her scooter. We are READY for summer!
This girl has amazing faith. She is always asking her dad for blessings when shes not feeling good or saying prayers when things are lost and she KNOWS Heavenly Father will fix it or find it. I love that.
She's a big sunbeam in primary at church and loves that she gets to go upstairs with all the kids while Jenna still has to go downstairs to nursery. I sometimes think she would rather be with her grandparents than her parents, and I can't blame her, she's got the best of the best in that area.
She loves pretending to go to school and especially loves when her teacher is cousin Livia. Too bad she doesn't go to kindergarten for 3 YEARS still. She'll be ready for sure.
I love Lucy so much and seriously miss her something fierce when I have to be gone for my calling or if she is at someones house playing. She's a sweet girl, with a healthy dose of sass, but her big blue eyes get her out of trouble a lot. Love my Lucy goose.

Jenna is 19 months, going on 16. Oh she gives me a run for my money. She is so sweet though too. She just knows what she wants and doesn't understand why she shouldn't have it every time. Which results in a lot of tears. She loves her sister, but doesn't love if she can't be involved with EVERYTHING Lucy is doing. We're working on that. She is talking up a storm and will repeat most anything you say. She can count to ten and spell her name. She especially loves when she gets to the -n-n- part. This little bugger has been causing us trouble at night, waking up atleast once, or more every night for the past couple months. Any tips? 
After a hesitant start Jenna has warmed right up to nursery and now mom and dad can actually get something out of the last 2 hours of church. Jenna has a handful of songs in her repertoire,  but "I am a child of God" is the cutest. She loves to sing it along with the Mormon Messages video. She has started saying her prayers at night. So cute. She still LOVES her binky, but only gets it at night and naps, (not looking forward to taking that away).
Jenna loves playing hide-and-seek and it is so cute when she covers her eyes and counts. Watch out though, shes a snitch and will rat you out if you're hiding and she sees you. Jenna is also a big fan of her grandparents. We are so lucky to have both sets live so close and be such a big part of their lives. What a blessing.
She is dying to be outside and it's finally warming up more, and I can't wait to get this girl to the park ever day and get her energy out!
Jenna can work the iPad, but gets ticked if we don't let her play on it every time she sees it. Woof.
I gotta love this girls, even if she likes to tell me no to almost everything I say. She keeps life interesting! Sweet little Jenns.

 Check out Johnny stacking those dice! Ha ha. Johnny is currently working at the State in the Department of Health and Welfare as a technical writer/ all-the-other-stuff-anyone-asks-him-to-do. He's such a people person and everyone there loves him. It'll be 2 years in April with this job. We've loved the awesome benefits he gets there. Not a dream job, but lots of people just dream about any job right now, so we're lucky. He works so hard for us and I know it isn't always fun, but he has always been willing to do whatever he has to to take care of our family. I love him for it.
He's the stake executive secretary and loves that calling. He gets to associate with some of the best people in our stake and it doesn't take much time away from the family, so it's really nice.
I think it's safe to say Johnny is smitten with these two little girls we have, and they think he is the coolest. I can't blame them, he chases them, plays barbies with them, throws them in the air, plays hide and seek, reads to them, makes up stories about them, cuddles and kisses them, and has way more patience with them than I do. He's the best dad. Period.
I really don't know how I got so lucky to have him as a husband. He never gets mad, like never. He has never raised his voice at me or the girls and he is the most loving, forgiving person I know. He always tries to see the best in everyone and I know many people look up to him. I know I do. Seriously the best guy. Lucky us.
And lastly, me. I'm always behind the camera so I really had to look hard to even find a picture that was mostly me. The girls keep me busy all day every day. They are the greatest, but they sure work. However, I think often about how lucky I am to be able to be there with them day in and day out and I wouldn't change it for anything. For the last year I have been a relief society teacher, teaching once a month, from a manual. What a great calling, nothing mid-week and it would seriously just take sitting down for a couple hours to pound out a lesson each month. Apparently Heavenly Father thought I was getting too comfortable and decided to shake it up and put me in the relief society presidency as the second counselor. It really stressed me out at first. But I've been doing it for over a month now and I'm starting to settle in. The ladies I work with are all awesome and I'm sure to learn a lot.
Also, I happen to be currently working on a little project called BABY #3! I'm just barely looking over my shoulder at the first trimester and hoping that soon I will have way more energy and feel less crummy all the time. This ones been rough, but manageable. We are super excited to add another baby to the family. Johnny's hoping for a boy, I would love a  little boy but would kind of love a third girl too (I know, am I CRAZY?). Lucy is insisting on another sister, in fact, my little sister Heidi was over the other day and asked "Is the baby going to be a brother or sister?" and Lucy said "Sister!" and Heidi said, "What if its a brother?" Lucy replied, "What if its a sister?". Haha. Either way, we're just excited for our soon-to-be family of five!

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  1. Diddo to Luc. Diddo for Jenn's and Diddo for Johns. You're pretty amazing too, kaylene. Can't wait for baby #3... Erika/Erik are both suitable names.